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Here at Richmond Denture Clinic, we have been voted the best Denture Clinic in Richmond for the past 7 Years. 

Offering a Limited 3 Year Warranty on all our Denture. Contact Us Today for more information and 100% Free Consultation.

    A Denture Clinic supporting the new Canadian Dental Care Plan

    Canadian Dental Care Plan for Seniors

    Enhance Your Smile with Affordable Care

    Achieve a Radiant Smile without Compromise

    Discover the joy of a beautiful smile at Richmond Denture Clinic, where affordable excellence is our standard. As part of the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) for seniors, we offer a range of services tailored to enhance your denture experience, including essential care, teeth whitening, and dental implants.

    Expert Care for Lasting Comfort
    Under the CDCP, our skilled denturist and dental laboratory assistant are dedicated to providing seniors with exceptional care. With years of experience and training in advanced techniques, equipment, and devices, we ensure that every partial and full denture fits seamlessly, looks natural, and offers unparalleled comfort.

    At Richmond Denture Clinic, we understand the importance of well-fitted dentures and teeth implants in maintaining confidence and oral health. That’s why we are committed to delivering services that exceed expectations, ensuring seniors can enjoy a radiant smile that’s both exceptional and affordable.

    Check Richmond Denture Clinic’s Exemplary And Professional Features Services For A Better-Looking And Confident Smile.

    Beautiful smile for a fair price.

    Here at Richmond Denture Clinic, we offer various services to help you with your denture essentials, teeth whitening, dental implants, and more! Our professional denturist and dental laboratory assistant have been in the denture business for years and have been trained to use the most advanced techniques, equipment, and devices. All to provide partial and full dentures that fit you like a glove, look natural, and feel comfortable.

    We understand the importance of well-fitted dentures and teeth implants and clean, white teeth, that is why we make sure all of the services we offer here at Richmond Dental Clinic are exceptional and affordable.

    “Voted Best Denture Clinic Richmond 7 years in a Row”

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    In addition to making you feel good, your dentures contribute greatly to how you look and feel, so it’s really important to have your checkups at least every 2 years to maintain them. We require our clients to schedule follow-up checkups every 2 years at our Richmond Denture Clinic to ensure the dentures you have are still fitted and comfortable to use. Richmond Clinic understands the importance of well-fitted and quality dentures, that is why we want to make sure they are fitted and natural-looking even after two years of use. Book a free consultation now!


    Denture Reline

    It’s inevitable for your mouth to change shape as you age and require new dentures. Your dentist will customize your denture’s tissue side, increasing comfort as it rests against your gums. We understand that the surrounding tissue and bones around your dentures will change depending on your lifestyle, body weight, and age. That is why Richmond Denture Clinic offers affordable dentures reline for all our valued clients. We have the best denture reliner always available to help you. Contact an acryline denture reliner today and enjoy your food comfortably!


    Denture Repair

    Our clinic provides same-day repairs of dentures that are fractured or damaged in some ways. We are happy to inform you of the state of the dentures and how to avoid further damage.


    Partial Dentures

    Normally partial dentures are used when some teeth are missing. The partial’s fit is very important in order to distribute force and prevent trauma to the gums and natural teeth. Distribute the strain evenly while chewing your food by getting partial dentures from Richmond Denture Clinic. We understand that imperfect partial dentures can put too much strain on your teeth and soft tissues. Improve the soft tissue and teeth support whenever you chew by getting partial dentures from Richmond clinic.


    Precision Dentures

    Complete dentures is a commonly used appliance when all the natural teeth have been lost. Using your additional facial and jaw measurements, a precision denture is tailored to your individual needs and looks.


    Immediate Dentures

    You do not have to be without teeth if you are wearing an immediate denture. Your denturist can start this procedure before you lose all your remaining teeth in a complete extraction. Avoid embarrassment when all your teeth are gone and/or extracted by getting immediate acrylic partial denture from an experienced denture clinic. We will help you choose from interim denture vs immediate denture. Make an appointment, we will check your circumstances, and help you get the best intermediate dentures.


    Mouthguards for teeth grinding

    Often used to protect teeth from injury during sports or teeth grinding, mouthguards are protective wraps worn around the teeth. Custom-fitted mouthguards are manufactured in the office to fit the patient’s teeth. Frequent teeth grinding can wear down the surfaces of your tooth and damage your tooth enamel. It will decrease the height of your teeth and increase their sensitivity. To prevent this from happening, go to a denture clinic that offers the best custom fit mouthguard like Richmond Denture Clinic. Visit us today and get your custom made mouthguards for teeth grinding and sport mouthguard.


    Soft Liners

    In the event your denturist has adjusted your dentures in ways that you still cannot find comfort, you should consider a soft liner on the tissue surface of your denture. Normally, soft liners last two to four years, depending upon what you eat and drink. Denture liner products are made to absorb the shock and impact of your dentures on your gums. A permanent soft liner for dentures is designed to provide relief for clients with receding soft tissues which commonly occurs as you age. Visit Richmond Denture Clinic and have our professionals check your dentures and get you fitted with the right soft liners.


    Teeth Whitening Services

    The tray-based tooth whitening procedure involves the use of plastic retainers that contain bleach gel to whiten your teeth. The trays are made using models of the teeth and are filled with a whitening solution. They are perfect for those who want stunningly white teeth without spending too much money and time. Schedule an appointment with a denture clinic with years of proven experience and get your bleaching trays and teeth bleaching in Richmond BC.


    Dental Implants

    Optimum tooth replacement is achieved with implants. Essentially, a titanium root is implanted into the jawbone to replace a natural tooth’s roots. An artificial replacement tooth is then attached to the implant that acts as an anchor to hold the replacement tooth in place. When the implants are properly applied and placed by a trusted dental implants clinic in Richmond BC, they will serve as a stable foundation for your full or partial dentures. It is very important to work with a reputable dental clinic to get your tooth replacement and implants, just like Richmond Denture Clinic.

    A Trusted And Reputable Denture Clinic For Quality, Comfortable, Natural-Looking, And Well-Fitted Dentures.

    The Clinic Where Quality, Means Comfort & Confidence

    We are pleased to accept all major dental insurance plans including Pacific Blue Cross as well as Financing Options OAC. Please call us today to schedule an appointment or to request further information about our services. Our experienced and professional denturist will help you out and explain all the services we offer and how they work.

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    • Highly Trained Staff
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    Contact Richmond Denture Clinic today and schedule a free consultation. We need to see you in person to check your circumstances and talk about your options.

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    For Better Teeth And A Confident Smile, Trust Our Professional Denturist At Richmond Denture Clinic

    Richmond Denture Clinic is a dedicated clinic specializing in creating dentures using state-of-the-art technology and techniques and offers other services such as teeth whitening, dental implants, soft liners, and mouthguards. We have an experienced and registered denturist, Ms. Sonia Raeisi, to check your circumstances and explain your options. This is one of the advantages of working with an experienced and skilled denturist. A registered denturist undergoes rigorous training to make, repair, and adjust your dentures without harming your natural teeth and gums.

    Also, implants should only be performed by a registered denturist. Implants are integrated into the bony tissue to support dentures. It is a very intricate procedure and should be done by a registered denturist.


    Ms. Sonia Raeisi – Registered Denturist

    Specialized in Dentures over implants and trained in the latest techniques of Denture Technology, Sonia Raeisi became a Registered Denturist in 2007 after graduating at the top of her class in the Denturist Program at VCC. Sonia was the recipient of the 2005 Canada Millenium Scholarship. A prestigious scholarship program where only the best are accepted, funded by the Government of Canada.

    She is the registered denturist of Richmond Denture Clinic and will be the one to help you with all your denture needs, teeth whitening, implants, and mouthguards.

    Sonia Raeisi Denturist

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    Testimonials And Reviews From All The Satisfied Clients Of Richmond Denture Clinic

    We acknowledge the importance of teeth to eat properly and smile confidently. However, just like any product and service, not all are provided and made equal, even in the dentures industry. That is why we understand the importance of customer satisfaction and client reviews. All our professional denturists and personnel are skilled and equipped with years of experience to ensure the satisfaction of all our customers and clients.

    To show Richmond Denture Clinic’s exemplary services, high-quality and well-fitted dentures, and excellent customer service, we put together the testimonials of our valued clients and customers.

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