Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP)

Since its inception in December, the Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) has provided essential oral health care services to over 1.3 million eligible seniors, ensuring comprehensive coverage for a range of denture services tailored to their needs.



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Comprehensive Denture Services

Under the CDCP, seniors can access a variety of denture services, including:

  1. Complete Dentures
    Standard and temporary dentures are covered, offering seniors tailored solutions for their unique dental needs.
  2. Denture Repairs, Relines, and Rebases
    Timely repairs, relines, and rebases ensure the longevity and comfort of dentures, enabling seniors to maintain their oral health with ease.
  3. Oral Tissue Conditioning
    Lining placement in dentures promotes comfort and aids in oral tissue healing, enhancing seniors’ overall well-being.
  4. Specialized Denture Procedures
    Immediate and overdentures are available with preauthorization, ensuring seniors receive specialized care when needed.

    Initial placement and replacement of partial dentures are also covered, providing seniors with comprehensive denture solutions to meet their evolving needs.

Canadian Dental Plan dentures

Denture Care: Bridging Accessibility and Empowerment for Seniors:

Expertise and Experience

Empowering Senior Oral Health:

With the CDCP, seniors can confidently address their denture needs, knowing that essential services are covered under the plan. By promoting preventive care and timely interventions, the CDCP aims to enhance the oral health and overall well-being of seniors across Canada.

Convenient Referral Process

Eligibility and Enrollment:

Seniors eligible for the CDCP can enroll and access covered denture services through participating oral health providers. The program strives to simplify enrollment processes and provide seniors with the support they need to access vital denture care services.

Comprehensive Denture Services

A Commitment to Seniors' Health:

The CDCP represents a commitment to seniors’ health and well-being, ensuring equitable access to essential denture services. By fostering collaboration between oral health professionals and seniors, the CDCP aims to create lasting positive impacts on oral health outcomes for Canada’s aging population.

Patient-Centered Care

Ensuring Accessibility:

The CDCP prioritizes accessibility, empowering seniors to receive the denture services they require for optimal oral health. Through streamlined processes and clear guidelines, seniors can navigate the CDCP with ease, accessing essential denture care without financial barriers.


Ms. Sonia Raeisi – Registered Denturist

Distinguished by her expertise in Dentures over implants and mastery of cutting-edge Denture Technology, Sonia Raeisi emerged as a Registered Denturist in 2007, graduating as a top performer from the Denturist Program at VCC. This gives Sonia almost 20 Years of experience notably, Sonia was honored with the esteemed 2005 Canada Millennium Scholarship, a selective program exclusively admitting top talents, generously funded by the Government of Canada.

As the registered denturist and owner of Richmond Denture Clinic, Sonia is poised to cater to all denture-related requirements with unparalleled skill and dedication. From crafting custom dentures to offering teeth whitening, implant services, and mouthguards, Sonia’s commitment to excellence ensures comprehensive care tailored to each patient’s needs.

Collaborating with Sonia Raeisi Denture Clinic not only guarantees access to superior denture solutions but also signifies a partnership with a trailblazer in the field, dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes and advancing the standards of dental care in Richmond.

Sonia Raeisi Denturist

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Testimonials And Reviews From All The Satisfied Clients Of Richmond Denture Clinic

At Richmond Denture Clinic, we recognize the profound impact of a confident smile and the ability to eat comfortably. However, we understand that not all denture services are created equal. That’s why we prioritize customer satisfaction and value client feedback. Our team of professional denturists and staff are highly skilled and experienced, dedicated to ensuring the utmost satisfaction of each and every customer.

To showcase the exceptional quality of our services, including high-quality, well-fitted dentures, and our unwavering commitment to customer care, we’ve gathered testimonials from our valued clients. These testimonials serve as a testament to our dedication to providing top-notch denture solutions and exemplary customer service. At Richmond Denture Clinic, we go above and beyond to ensure that every individual receives personalized care and leaves our clinic with a smile they can truly be proud of.

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