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When compared to regular dentures, precision dentures provide numerous benefits. If you need one today or have been questioning whether or not it’s right for you, visit our precision denture clinic today!

What are Precision Dentures?

A personalized precision denture is made to suit each person's individual looks and needs using additional measurements of your face and jaw. Additional measurements done by a precision denture clinic assure a more precise function in relation to the movements of your jaw. Your prosthesis is handcrafted to match your age, complexion and facial features. Considerations such as the shape of your jawline, lips, eyes, eyeglasses and hair colour are noted. The teeth are set to produce a pleasing smile.
Additional procedures done by a precision denture clinic are incorporated in the construction of your denture to closely mimic the movements of your jaw. High-quality teeth are used in the construction of your dentures to ensure a definitive outcome of the highest quality. A precision denture provides excellent function, fit, comfort and appearance.

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What are the Advantages of Using Precision Dentures?

  • Precision dentures are much more fitted to the individual. Since everything is taken into account, including the facial structure of the patient, it fits well with the overall look.
  • It’s also more tailored to each patient’s mouth that improves the individual chewing and biting experience. It also reduces the likelihood of experiencing sores, irritation, and infections.
  • The movement is less mechanical and more smooth. The overall structure looks more like natural teeth. They’re also more durable and have better longevity compared to standard ones or immediate dentures.

What are the Characteristics found in Precision Dentures?

There are a few characteristics that make precision dentures stand out from standard ones. The characteristics are better than the characteristics of the standard ones, but in what way are they better?

Ease Of Use

Since all the structures in your mouth are taken into account, the dentures follow the natural path of your jaw, making them more natural in both looks and feel, replicating your natural teeth. This allows you to move your jaw in a natural way making chewing, speaking, and easier in every way.


A precision denture clinic will always ensure that your dentures are durable and made from quality materials to ensure longer lifespan and life cycle. This reduces the likelihood of needing repairs and adjustments in the long run. This type is made from high quality materials to ensure chewing, speaking, and living comfortably with your new prosthesis.

Built To Last

Precision dentures are to be made for a long term solution, a lot of time and effort is given into making it to make sure that it fits you perfectly. Compared to standard dentures, the high quality of the prosthesis makes it last longer.

Made for You

The precision denture clinic will measure everything from your face proportion to the measurements of your jaw to tailor the best one for you. With this, the precision denture will be proportional to your physical appearance as well as tailored for your speaking and chewing patterns. Everything about this is made with you in mind.

When Should You Start Considering Precision Dentures?

  • If you want a more natural looking prosthesis. These give off a more natural look because they follow the proportions of your face, the shade of your gums, and the measurements of your jaw.
  • You should start considering these if you want a long term, and high quality option. These are tailored for you meaning there would be less need for adjustments. These are also much more durable compared to other types.
  • The movement is less mechanical and more smooth. The overall structure looks more like natural teeth. They’re also more durable and have better longevity compared to standard ones or immediate dentures.
  • If you want to improve comfort when eating, and speaking. Issues such as gum sores and irritation would be lessened significantly.
  • You constantly are looking for a denture repair solution
  • Partial dentures aren’t working for you anymore

What are the Differences Between Standard and Precision Dentures?

There are a few characteristics that set apart standard and precision dentures. The main difference between the two is that precision dentures take everything important into account such as gum shade, jaw measurements, face proportions that make the prostheses much more realistic.


Standard Dentures

These are your common types of dentures, usually made from acrylic, a type of plastic. These are less durable compared to precision dentures but some of the high quality ones can compare. Standard ones require more adjustments because it is less fitted for you. They are only offered in a limited number of shades meaning they tend to look less natural.


Precision Dentures

Precision Dentures are high-quality prostheses made to fit the measurements of your mouth for a seamless fit. These are produced according to the measurements of the patients’ face proportions, jaw measurements, mouth impressions, and every factor that can affect the feel and the aesthetic of the prostheses. Precision dentures are much more comfortable compared to standard ones because of how fit they are. They compliment your face more and they stain less. Getting one done requires you to go to a precision denture clinic.

Make Richmond Denture Clinic Your #1 Choice for Precision Dentures

Richmond Denture Clinic specializes in precision dentures as well. Our precision denture clinic is here to provide you with high quality prostheses to restore your lifestyle and your smile, and make them even better than ever. Our staff will carefully examine your characteristics as face proportions, gum shade, skin tone, jaw measurements will help us fabricate the best possible prosthesis for you. Helping you reach your new-found confidence is our mission, and we hope you make us your place to get precision dentures. We’re more than happy to get you a new set or offer a denture repair solution.

FAQs About Precision Dentures

What is the difference between standard and precision dentures?
Precision Dentures are much more suited for you than standard ones. They are made with measurements that correspond with your facial proportions, your jaw measurements, the shade of your gums, and so much more. They do a better job at preventing gum sores, irritation. This type of prosthesis makes chewing, speaking, and smiling better compared to standard ones because they are tailored for you.
What changes are expected with your precision dentures?
-It will take a while to get used to speaking with your new set of prosthesis. It will be quite hard to pronounce sounds such as “S” and “CH” but speaking loudly may help this
-Your mouth will feel like it’s full, whether you had dentures or not. Because your old ones are worn out, new ones will feel like they’re a mouthful but this will be easy to get used to.
-Some have shown gag reflex problems in response to the upper denture. This is totally fine and will be gone after a while.
-Eating will feel like the way it used to be but you will have to be careful with hard food. Usually, precision dentures are sturdier compared to standard ones but it never hurts to be careful.
What if you feel discomfort or pain with your precision dentures?

It would be a good thing to mention this on your next checkup. Your denturist will provide you with several solutions such as relining or adjusting the dentures. However in some cases, discomfort in using these are benign and would go away after a while. Just make sure to bring it up with your dentist and all will be well.

How much can I expect my precision dentures to cost?
There are various varieties of dentures, and the cost of new dentures varies depending on the type you choose. Aside from the dentures itself, there are additional elements you can have with your dentures that can raise the cost. We urge you to come to Richmond Denture Clinic, a precision denture clinic, for a FREE consultation so that we can examine your needs and provide you an exact estimate. We offer a variety of options and the best denture repair solutions. Book a consultation now!
What are the benefits of precision dentures?
These are much more comfortable and they look more natural compared to standard ones. They are tailored to the proportions of your face, your jaw, and the shade of your gums. The look of your remaining teeth will also be taken into account to make sure everything fits perfectly. By doing this, eating, speaking, and smiling will be better than ever.

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