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Are you feeling uncomfortable with your dentures? Then it’s time for a denture reline or denture rebase. Richmond Denture Clinic is an expert in both and can offer you a custom fit to improve your confidence and quality of life.

What is a Denture Reline?

After years of daily use, you may feel that your dentures may not fit well as they used to as they lose their grip in your mouth. This is a sign that it is time to visit your nearest denture clinic for a denture reline. During the process, we will provide you with a fitting for proper dentures without replacing them entirely. The procedure involves reshaping the underside of a denture, ensuring that it fits with your gums more comfortably. Richmond Denture Clinic provides top-quality denture relining services in Richmond, BC. Our clinic is renowned not only for the excellence of our work but also for offering affordable denture reline solutions.

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Soft Denture Reline

We use temporary tissue conditioners for immediate dentures to provide relief from sore spots and improve comfort. These tissue conditioners are ideal for patients with sensitive gums or those who have recently undergone dental surgery, as they offer a cushioning effect and better fit. Soft denture relines are a temporary solution, typically lasting three to six months, and require regular replacement to maintain their effectiveness​.


Hard Denture Reline

A hard denture reline involves reshaping the base of your denture with a durable acrylic material to ensure a snug fit against your gums. This type of reline is ideal for long-term use, providing a stable and comfortable fit that can last for several years. Hard relines are particularly beneficial for patients who do not have sensitive gums and are looking for a more permanent solution to ill-fitting dentures.

Possible Causes for a Denture Reline

The following are some frequent symptoms that suggest the need for denture reline:

  • Post Immediate Dentures
  • Bone loss in the upper or lower jaw
  • Tooth Loss
  • Sickness or disease
  • Weight loss

The bite position, existing teeth, and acrylic base(s) must be in good condition and not worn or stained to provide a reline procedure. An impression of your oral tissue is taken inside your denture(s) to provide a working model. The new acrylic base material is added to your denture to produce a correct fit. The appearance of your dentures will not change. With rebases, Denturists in most cases have no way of trying the denture(s). The procedure is similar to relining. The difference is that a rebase replaces all the pink-acrylic denture base material. The existing teeth remain in the exact same place.

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4 Signs You Need a Denture Reline

Despite maintaining a regular oral health routine, the size and shape of your mouth can change over time, resulting in the current dentures to loosen or fall off. It can be uncomfortable and painful when ignored. Here are the most common considerations why you need a denture reline. If you experience any of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our denture clinic for a checkup.

Sores, Infections, and Prolonged Discomfort

Denture stomatitis is one of the infections people who are wearing dentures are exposed to. This affects people with diabetes, poor oral health, undergoing cancer treatment, and those who are taking certain medications.

Difficulty Swallowing

One of the effects of wearing dentures for years could be the shifting of jaw size and shape, resulting in dentures not fitting well. This would change the tongue movements, creating a negative domino effect on your swallowing ability.

Loose Dentures

Bone resorption is one of the many reasons for having loose dentures. This is when your gums start to shrink because it is not used anymore for holding your teeth in their positions. Another reason for loose dentures is the everyday use of dentures.

It Has Been A While Since Your Last Denture Reline

It is essential to keep track of your last denture reline because a regular visit to your denture clinic every two years or when needed is necessary to ensure that the dentures are still serving their purpose. Even the best denture reliner requires proper maintenance.

Why is a Denture Reline Necessary?

As you reach a certain age, the health of your body, including your teeth, starts to degrade, so it is important to pay attention to more frequent visits to your dental clinic. One may lose one or a few teeth, and to continue living normally, having removable teeth or dentures is an excellent alternative to keep that smile.

However, wearing dentures could turn uncomfortable or painful. This means your dentures don’t fit your mouth anymore, and it’s time for a denture reline. Dentures that fit poorly may collect food and plaque as well. All of these issues can make wearing dentures uncomfortable and difficult.

Reasons For Rebasing Procedure

If all the denture teeth are still in good condition, but notice that the acrylic’s condition is declining, you don’t have to go for a denture reline right away. Instead, go for denture rebase, the process of changing the base material or the pink acrylic on the denture.

  • Broken denture
  • Immediate denture
  • Weakened or old pink denture base

FAQ For Dental Reline

How long does a denture reline take?

Most denture relines are done same-day. The length of time it takes to complete a denture reline appointment varies based on the type of reline, but it can take from 30 to 60 minutes. The cost of relining will also differ based on the type of relining required. A free consultation with our registered denturist will provide you with a treatment plan that includes the cost.

What are the denture reline procedure steps?

The denture reline procedure varies based on the type of reline you get. In general, these are the steps:

1. Your denturist will use putty to make an impression of your mouth.
2. The putty will then be used to create a new underneath basis for your dentures.
3. The dentures will be re-fitted to your mouth by your denturist.

You’ll have to wait for your mouth to heal if you got a tissue conditioner. Then, return to your denturist for a firm reline and repeat steps one through three. Depending on the type of dentures you get, they should last you a few years. It is critical to visit your denturist on a regular basis to ensure that your dentures continue to fit properly.

How do you take care of your dentures?

Taking care of your dentures is just as important as taking care of your natural teeth. After eating, experts recommend rinsing dentures with water to remove food residue. To keep them in shape, soak them in cold water or room temperature water overnight. It is also critical to clean your mouth after removing your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush on a frequent basis. Regular toothpaste is not a good choice for cleaning dentures because it might scratch the surface. Dentists recommend non abrasive denture washes to eliminate any food residues.

Can you reline your dentures at home?
Never attempt to reline a denture at home. Some home reline products are available on the internet; however, using these products can result in denture damage. It’s best to leave it to a registered denturist. If you’re using a lot more denture adhesive than usual, you’re probably in need of a denture reline. Schedule a consultation with your denturist to determine which type of reline is ideal for you. We have affordable dentures reline available.
Why go to a denturist for a denture reline instead of a dental professional?
A denturist can provide you with all of the knowledge you require regarding your best treatment options. Denturists can also provide you with advice on how to care for and maintain your dentures for optimal oral health. They are also qualified to fabricate, repair, and alter your dentures to guarantee the finest fit and visual appeal possible. They can also advise you on how frequently your dentures should be fixed, adjusted, or relined. Visit our expert denturist for a free consultation today.

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