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Soft liners are essential for the comfort and safety of people who use dentures. Here at our Richmond Dental Centre, we offer quality services that will meet your expectations. The following information is the knowledge you might need to decide whether you need these in your smile.

What are Soft Liners?

Soft liners are soft and flexible materials used to cushion gums from dentures. It absorbs the shock from contact between the denture and the gums. These lessen gum irritation and soreness and give the patient more comfort and relief. These are recommended for people who don’t respond well to dentures, such as people with flattened gums. These are perfect for patients with bony gum areas and chronic gum sores. There are two types: Plasticized Acrylic Resins and Silicone Elastomers. We are well-equipped at our Richmond dental centre to handle all your concerns. Book a free consultation today!

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Facts You Need to Know About Soft Liners

Here are a few facts that you need to know:

  • Over 20 Years Of Advances And Developments In Quality Soft Liners
  • Increased Comfort During Chewing And Daily Wear
  • Clinical Evidence Indicating A High Acceptance By Patients
  • They have an Average Lifespan Of Two To Four Years Depending On Your Physiology.
  • Its durable material makes it a bit harder to adjust but it’s compensated by requiring less adjustments in the long run.

What are The Benefits of Using Soft Liners?

Soft liners have been in the dental industry for over 20 years for a good reason; they provide multiple benefits to their wearers. They were developed for additional comfort when using dentures. The following are a few things that soft liners do:

  • Increase comfort when the patient has difficulty chewing
  • Makes the lifestyle better for the patient, in general,
  • Reduce gum sores and irritation in areas that make contact with the denture.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if the benefits are right for you at our Richmond dental centre, Richmond Denture Clinic.

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Who Can Get Soft Liners?

There are a few instances where dentists recommend you get a soft liner. The following examples are if you have:

  • Difficulties in chewing while wearing the prosthetic
  • Symptoms of gum erosion
  • A pronounced bone
  • An uneven jaw bone, especially one or more jagged edges

These instances make it harder for some people to wear dentures which is why many people find these very helpful. If you’re curious if it’s right for you, visit our Richmond dental centre!

When Should You Start Considering Getting Soft Liners?

Because of painful patches or tender gums, some patients are unable to wear conventional dentures. In such instances, it may be necessary to reline your denture with a soft and malleable material. Dentures constructed of high-quality materials are extremely durable and can last for many years if properly cared for. However, you may notice that your replacement teeth aren't fitting as well as they once did over time.

This could be due to a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Daily wear and tear
  • Bone loss
  • Changes in mouth shape
  • Accidental breakages

For a consultation, book an appointment with us at our Richmond dental centre, Richmond Denture Clinic!

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Soft Liners?

Soft liners are dental equipment used to bring more comfort and relief to their users. It has a lot of medical and lifestyle advantages, but like everything else, it also has its downsides. Our Richmond dental centre, Richmond Denture Clinic recommends getting these for yourself but it is still your decision to make, to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using this prosthesis.


Soft liners make it more comfortable for people who are having a hard time adjusting to dentures in areas such as chewing.

  • The technology has been here for almost 20 years and it has been evolving since.
  • Almost all patients respond well to these as they are comfortable and almost anyone who needs them can use them.
  • Even though it is difficult to make adjustments with these, they require less adjustments.


They cost more compared to hard liners.

  • Since these are going to be in the way, repairing dentures will be much more difficult.
  • Like all equipment, you have to regularly maintain it to prolong its lifespan.
  • After a couple of years, they might need replacement.
  • They are hard to adjust since the material is not that malleable.

What are the Requirements For Soft Liners?

Making sure you know how to clean dentures with soft liner is important. It requires home care and proper cleaners to maintain their durability. Always make sure to brush them properly. As with all removable dentures, these require a regular check up to ensure they are fit and oral health. Your Denturist will provide professional cleaning as well as educate you on how to maintain and take care of them. Visit our Richmond dental centre, Richmond Denture Clinic for any questions or concerns.

Why You Should Choose Our Richmond Dental Centre, Richmond Denture Clinic

Are you looking for a temporary or soft liner for dentures? Our denture clinic is well-equipped to address all your needs. Our team consists of knowledgeable individuals who continue to work to stay on top of the latest denture trends. The denture technology we use at our Richmond dental centre is state of the art, so we can properly provide dentures of all shapes and sizes. Exceeding the expectations of our customers is a mission we want to achieve, whether that be your first or continued time visiting our Richmond dental centre. Our denture clinic will stand by you! Contact us today!

FAQs About Soft Reliners

When should I go back for a check-up?
You should go back for regular check-ups depending on what the dentist recommends. Dental check ups for dentures and other prosthesis usually happen as often as once a month to as little as a few times a year. Here at our Richmond dental centre, we are more than happy to accommodate
How long do soft liners last?
Plasticized Acrylic Resins last about 3-6 months while Silicone Elastomers last at least a year. To prolong their life, make sure to take care of them by cleaning them regularly. By taking care of them, you can prolong their lifespan up to 4-6 years.
Are there other types of soft liners?
There are two types: the Plasticized Acrylic Resins, and Silicone Elastomers.
-Plasticized Acrylic Resins are softer but they are designed for short term use, only lasting three to six (3-6) months.
-Silicone Elastomers are harder than the former but are more durable. These last up to a year.
How do I adjust to soft liners?
For the first few days of wearing these, you may experience minor sensitivities and irritation. A temporary, modified diet will help with this. You should also start taking more time into deciding which adhesive you use while some don’t recommend using one at all since properly designed liners will not need one. If you ever feel that your dentures are too loose, give our Richmond dental centre, Richmond Denture Clinic, a chance.
What are the benefits of soft reliners?
The benefits are the following:
-Makes chewing easier for the patient
-Makes wearing the dentures more comfortable
-Almost all patients respond well to them
-Requires less adjustments

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