Immediate Dentures

Everything you need to know about immediate dentures and more.

Immediate dentures are a good option if you don’t want to live for a few months without teeth after an extraction. These will help you eat, speak, and smile. Rejuvenate that smile and get the look you’ve always wanted. Get immediate dentures today!

What are Immediate Dentures?

Immediate dentures, or temporary dentures, are given to you soon after your teeth are extracted. Because they are provided to you the same day your teeth are removed, they don’t always fit you. The main purpose of immediate dentures is to serve as your teeth until you get your permanent dentures a few months later, so they are designed for functionality rather than appearance.

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There are Different Classifications of Immediate Dentures According to its Material and Functionality

Partial Dentures

These refer to dentures that only need to compensate for one or more teeth, not a full row or arc. This procedure is advisable if the location is found in the lower jaw that still has salvageable teeth.

Full Dentures

These refer to the prosthesis that compensates for not only a few teeth, but all of your teeth.

Removable Dentures

The aforementioned types can be converted into removable dentures if you choose to do so. This lets you remove your dentures anytime you like in contrast to fixed dentures that can only be removed by dentists.

What are the Pros and Cons of Immediate Dentures and How It Will Affect You

Immediate dentures have their own ups and downs but it’s up to you to decide whether the ups outweigh the downs. The following are the pros and cons of immediate dentures.


One of the biggest pros is it’s already prepared beforehand, and you can gain access to these as soon as your teeth are extracted. You can use these for a few months until you get your new, tailored dentures. These also aid your gums in healing after the extraction to avoid irritation in the affected area. In the conventional dentures vs immediate dentures aspect, immediate ones are perfect for temporary use since they take less time to fit and are only there until you get your permanent ones.


One of the downsides of using these is it isn’t tailored for you. Since it’s only a temporary one, it prioritizes functionality and getting you through the first few months of using dentures. After you get these, you will soon have to get your permanent dentures as well. You will have to deal with the additional cost of paying for two dentures.

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Are Immediate Dentures Right for You?

These are best for people who need to get their remaining teeth extracted. Since this teeth extraction is possibly unplanned and unavoidable, if you don’t want to wait for a few months without a set of teeth, immediate dentures are the right choice for you. Aside from cosmetics, this will also allow you to speak and eat properly.

A Brief Discussion About The Advantages Of Dental implant Application

While dental implants may be on the expensive side, it certainly has a lot more to offer than regular dentures and other dental prosthesis. The following are the benefits of choosing dental implants.

Consultation About Your Tooth Extraction

One to two months prior to the extraction, your dentist will have you visit the denture clinic for several visits to get the impressions on your mouth. It is done to give the dentist an idea of how to mold them.

Extraction Day

On the extraction date, right after you get your teeth extracted, your dentist will insert the dentures immediately right after the procedure. Placing your dentures ensures that it protects your gums while healing. During this time, immediate dentures will let you eat, speak, and smile.

First Day After Procedure

You will feel plenty of discomfort, and your mouth will release more saliva than usual. Your mouth is still not familiar with your denture, which will cause a lot of these side effects. Gum sores may start to appear, but they will lessen over time.

First Couple Weeks of Immediate Dentures

For the first few weeks, you will feel discomfort and soreness in your gums. Your gums are still getting used to the dentures, but the pain will go away after some time. Make sure you're following the procedures and recommendations laid out by your denturist.

Getting Permanent Dentures

After some time, the dentist will notify you when the production of your permanent dentures will begin. You will visit the clinic several times to get the measurements of your mouth. You will not go through the discomfort of using new dentures since they will be tailor-made for you.

Why You Should Choose Richmond Dental Clinic for Your Immediate Dentures

We at Richmond Dental Clinic offer professional, quality service. We are one of the best denture clinics around, leaving patients satisfied after their appointment. Our mission is to provide patrons with a comfortable environment to let us solve their denture needs. Our denture clinic is committed to ensuring that procedures last long with minimal tear. Contact us today so we can guide and get you started on that perfect smile. We guarantee that your smile will be the same and better once you get your permanent dentures.

FAQs for immediate dentures that you might haves

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding immediate dentures. We hope that this addresses all of your concerns but feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or once you’ve decided to inquire.

Are there any side effects associated with immediate dentures?
There are a few notable side effects.
– An increase in saliva due to the mouth adjusting to the prosthesis
– Difficulty in eating and speaking
– Less commonly temporary nausea
– Irritation sores. These are common and typically go away once you’ve adjusted.
– High air pressure such as coughing and sneezing could dislodge the denture.
How do I maintain my immediate dentures?
Make sure to brush them everyday. Treat them as you would treat your own teeth. It’s advisable to take them off if you can to be able to clean them thoroughly. There are specific solutions for the material your dentures are made up of so make sure you use the right one. Be careful when handling them and do not bend them too much. Make sure to avoid certain foods that your dentist advises you to and soak them every evening to keep them from drying.
Are there alternatives to immediate dentures?

Dental Implants are good alternatives to dentures since they are permanently screwed into your jaws. Implants are much more costly than other procedures but they recreate natural teeth with much more precision than other prosthesis.
Veneers are also a good choice. These are porcelain coatings applied onto your teeth to prevent damage. Bridges are denture alternatives that fixate a crown onto a natural tooth by using cement. These are advisable over dental implants if there are healthy teeth available.

How long do immediate dentures take to complete?
They may take about four to five (4-5) and they will be ready for your next extraction. During the denture clinic visits, you will undergo impressions, bite records, tooth selection, and try on some samples. The prosthesis will be applied right after your extraction.
Why are immediate dentures costly?
After the fabrication of the temporary dentures, you will still have to visit the denture clinic to adjust and reline them because your gums shrink during the healing process. After about 6 months when the gums have shrunk, you will be asked if you would want a reline or a permanent denture
The two things that make immediate dentures costly is the constant adjustment and the permanent denture you can choose to be made.

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